Let Mommy Play

Meet Nat and Vera and We're Playing Animal Crossing (Tips For Starting Your Island)

Episode Summary

Meet Nat and Vera. This first episode gives you a peek into our early gaming lives and then we take you on a deep dive into the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This week you'll also get a bunch of tips on starting your new island in the latest version of the Animal Crossing franchise.

Episode Notes

Nat and Vera are two entrepreneurial moms that don't get enough time to just play. Sometimes you might actually hear them saying "Kids, can you just Let Mommy Play?" From video games, to television series, to apps, to board games, these moms have found great ways to maximize their fun when they find the time. This inaugural series will focus on their current obsession, Animal Crossing New Horizons.  Join Nat and Vera as they dive into their gaming past and talk about their gaming present. Not only will you'll laugh you'll pick up a bunch of great tips on starting your brand new island. For more information you can email LetMommyPlay@gmail.com or you can check out Vera at Ladyandtheblog.com and Nat at Twiniversity.com